Steps To Win Guardianship Over Children With Negligent Parents

Divorce has ripple affects that impact the lives of far more than the couple who part ways.  In fact, some of the people who are affected most had little if anything to do with the split. Grandparents of the divorcing couple’s kids are often among the least considered and among most affected.

Kansas state law recognizes the value of a grandparent’s continued contact with grandchildren. It can be damaging when grandchildren are kept from a relationship with grandparents whether due to through divorce or death of a parent.  When those children are in custody of negligent parents, the situation goes from bad to worse.  How should a grandparent or concerned extended family member reach out to try and obtain custody of children who are suffering in this way?

Defining Negligence

When the legal guardian neglects the physical or psychological needs of the child, you (the grandparent or extended family member) may pursue custody.  Neglect of physical and psychological needs is a form of non-violent abuse and could include behaviors such as:

  • Insufficient feeding or lack of food provision
  • Lack of medical care
  • Neglect of hygiene
  • Consistently ignoring a child’s presence
  • Rejection of requests for nurturing and affection
  • Verbal assault
  • Intentional isolation
  • Corruption (encouraging the child to participate in illegal or destructive behavior)

If you (the grandparent or extended family member) are suspicious of or have knowledge of any of the above behaviors from the child’s parent(s), you have grounds to pursue custody or guardianship. You may need to contact child protective services, but before you do, reach out to your attorney to understand what to expect through this process.

A Kansas Custody Attorney That Understands

Obtaining custody and guardianship is a nuanced and complicated challenge that requires the advocacy of an experienced custody attorney. Jean Wise is a compassionate attorney with a depth of understanding to help fight for what’s best for children in the wake of a divorce or death of a parent.

In an effort to reach the desired goal more quickly and effectively, Jean prefers to pursue mediation to resolve custody disputes rather than time in court. That being said, when the time comes to face adversarial counsel in a custody issue, Jean provides the kind of aggressive, tough-mindedness necessary to win in court.

Call our office or email anytime. Leverage my 22+ years experience for the benefit of your case. We will promote the child’s best interest in pursuit of custody, concomitantly attempting to preserve a positive relationship with the parent.

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