We’re Ready To Adopt. Where Do We Start?

If you are considering adopting a child, it’s important to understand there are numerous details that go into successful adoptions. Whether you’re just getting started in the process or have walked through introductory steps already, here are several questions to ask yourself before you begin or advance the process

Are You Using a Public or Private Agency?

The disadvantages of public agencies are the red tape involved and the longevity of the application process. The advantages are the little to no cost of adoption and the occasional, short-term financial stipends to help you support your new child.

Private agencies are often non-profits. Though these adoptions can be costly, applicants are often treated very well and can exercise some control over the type of infant or youth they adopt.

Are You Financially Prepared?

Your forthcoming investments will include far more than purchasing new school clothes, giving a weekly allowance, or saving for college tuition, although those are important.

Can You Be Patient for Your Child’s Love?

Some children, especially kids older than 5 years old, have a difficult time bonding with and trusting new adults. Make sure you are ready for your new, older child to have a very healthy dose of skepticism about you and your commitment to him or her.

Can You Be Transparent with Your Agency Worker?

The worker will evaluate you, your home, financial records, employers, family, medical and psychiatric history, criminal background etc. to see if you are likely to become a fit parent. It is important to understand that the agency worker is not looking for perfect parents; instead he or she is looking for your honesty and a reasonably good match with a child in need of a loving home.

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