Changes in Child Custody, Support, and Maintenance Post-Divorce Modification in Johnson County, Kansas

Custody, parenting time, child support, and (sometimes) maintenance may be modified by the court when circumstances change. I offer tough-minded protection of my clients’ rights, but in a spirit of working out issues through mutual agreement. I welcome you to Discuss your case with me today so I can protect your rights.

Contact Jean W. Wise, Attorney at Law if you are seeking, or contesting, a modification of existing custody or support. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, I have been representing clients in the Johnson County, Kansas courts (Kansas City metro area) since 1992.


Modification of Custody and Visitation

Jobs and work schedules change. People change. I represent clients in modification hearings to alter a custody agreement or parenting time arrangement.

  • Moving away – Requests by the custodial parent to move out of town are becoming more common. If the other parent objects, the court will send the parents to mediation and often order a custody evaluation.

Judges in Johnson County place a high burden on parents seeking to move away to prove that the move is in the best interests of the children. The court will not entertain relocation for frivolous reasons (“I’m dating someone” or “I want to live in the mountains.”) However, a move-away request may sometimes be granted if the parent gets a better job, remarries, or wishes to move closer to a family support network.

Child Support and Maintenance Modifications

Kansas law requires a “substantial change” in circumstances to alter the amount of child support, such as:

  • Unemployment or a substantial decrease in pay
  • Substantial increase in the income of either party
  • A change in custody arrangements or a parenting plan
  • A child reaching the age of 6, and the age 12
  • A child emancipation or graduation from high school

Remarriage of the recipient is generally grounds for terminating maintenance, but not child support.

If you believe your situation merits post-divorce modification, call (913) 709-4458 or email Jean Wise to arrange a consultation. I offer flexible scheduling, and can accept most major credit cards as payment.