Have you been prevented from seeing your grandchild, or been told you are no longer to have regular visitation? I handle grandparents’ rights cases for people who are shut out of their grandchildren’s lives, often after a son or daughter divorces or dies.

Contact Jean W. Wise, Attorney at Law to schedule a discussion of your case. My law firm in Johnson County, Kansas, represents local grandparents as well as out of town grandparents who need representation in the Johnson County courts.


Grandparents Have Legal Rights

Under Kansas law, grandparents have legal rights to a continuing relationship with their grandchildren. As a grandparent myself, I feel strongly about standing up for the rights of grandparents. The law recognizes the value of continued contact and the potentially harmful effect on children of denying access to a grandparent who has built a significant relationship – especially when the child has recently suffered loss through divorce or death of a parent.

Such problems may be mediated or may need to be resolved in court to demonstrate that a relationship with their grandparents is in the children’s best interests. I work to show the court that my clients had a relationship with their grandchildren. Even if your son or daughter was not married, you can assert a right to contact with the child.

From a legal standpoint, we need to show that spending time with grandparents is in the best interests of the children. The court places a high burden of proof on the objecting parent(s) to justify denial of access, and will not entertain frivolous reasons given by a stepdaughter or stepson.

Through mediation or litigation, we can affirm your right to see your grandchildren and establish a schedule that stipulates regular contact. Call (913) 709-4458 or email me to discuss your grandparents’ rights. I can make evening and weekend appointments, and may be able to handle your case via e-mail, phone.