Daddy Is Moving Because He Got A Different Job

Life is Ever-Changing

Divorced couples with kids know all too well the difficulties that come with sharing custody, though, it doesn’t make unanticipated or unavoidable situations any less difficult. Great parents work diligently to stay close to each other, most often for the children’s good. Though, there are times when one parent will get a job that takes him or her out of state.

One such situation involves military personnel who are ordered to move to a different state or country.  Another example is a father presented with a job opportunity that is difficult for him to say no to.

Situations such as these raise many questions, but also warrant modifications of existing child custody and support arrangements.

Modifying Child Custody

Because such situations described often bring about the need to request a change in child custody order, it’s important to understand your options. Proof of a substantial change in circumstances must be shown to modify his (or her) alimony order, child support order or any other continuing obligation, such as a visitation agreement. There are several factors, which courts consider, when deciding whether or not there is cause for change.

These factors can include:

  • Change in the Child’s Primary Household
  • Cost of Living Increases
  • Increase or Decrease in Income
  • Illness, Disability or Infirmity
  • Remarriage / Cohabitation
  • Relocation of Housing of Either Party

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