When stepparents wish to adopt the natural children of spouses who have entered their lives through marriage or remarriage, it is a happy part of my practice to help them. I’m Jean Wise, a family law attorney practicing in Johnson County, Kansas, (the Kansas City metro area) since 1992 and I am only a call (913) 709-4458 or email away.

In step parent adoption, the adopting parent assumes permanent responsibility for the child. Once approved, the new parent has all the legal rights and responsibilities of a natural parent, and the child gains rights to financial support and inheritance, even if the stepparent and natural parent later divorce.

When the natural parent whose rights are being terminated agrees to the adoption, the process is straightforward and a hearing is held to formalize the arrangement. The natural parent abdicates his/her parental rights by signing a written consent form. The adoption also terminates the natural parent’s obligation to provide child support – often a big incentive for the natural parent to terminate parental rights when there is no relation with the child(ren).


Third Party Adoption

I also handle third party adoptions for both couples and single parents, as well as grandparents needing to adopt their grandchildren.

Contact a child adoption attorney who has the experience and compassion to handle your case. I am flexible in scheduling appointments and will attend all hearings alongside the client.